Tips for Turning Shed into a House

Learn more about how to turn a shed into your next home, office or art studio with our help!

Turn Shed into a House with Livingston Farm’s Help

The tiny home movement is more than just a fashionable trend, it’s developing into a new lifestyle. This is particularly true for families that are looking to either downsize or find a home that they can call their own. Whether you’re looking for a home for someone just graduating from college, a guest home to rent out during the holidays, AirBnB, or even just a place that you can turn into a mini office space, Livingston Farm can help. A large shed can range in many sizes, colors, styles and with all of the features you would need to live comfortably, for a price you can afford. Not only will you be able to afford this comfortable living situation, half of the fun would be personalizing your new shed home. This gives you a reason to turn your Pinterest ideas into reality.

Optimize Space:

The first rule of thumb, if you want to convert a shed into a home, is to be sure that your optimizing every square foot given. Be sure to use the wall space effectively so that it can hold your essentials without taking up too much space in your new home. One example would be when you determine the lighting you will want to use for your new shed home. Wall lighting will provide you a great light while still leaving room for a floor-to-ceiling bookcase and shelving units for optimal storage solutions. Another idea to reduce items in this smaller space would be having a daybed instead of a traditional one, if room and your requirements allow for one vs a traditional bed.

Augment Lighting:

Natural lighting is best during the day so having skylights and windows will help cut down on costs and brighten your living space. Do keep in mind, having simple windows will make it easier to minimize heating and cooling costs but also, windows are important to allow a cross ventilation in the summer. What’s better than getting fresh air into your home or office? Another great idea for illuminating your shed house is installing several wall mirrors to reflect natural and man-made lighting to help brighten the area.

Plan Strategically:

Whether you’re using this shed to create a large shed office, man cave, shed home or even a craft shed, you should still plan to focus on a minimalist theme to reduce clutter. This will help narrow down what your essentials are without crowing your space. Our suggestion would be prioritizing the furnishings you’ll need based upon your intentions of the space. If you need room for desk, could that desk also be a dining room table? If you need a bed for sleeping quarters, can you use a smaller bed than one you would have in a typical house? Paring down your necessary items will greatly help confine your space.

If you’re using the space for an AirBnB or a guest house, you should consider what would make them most comfortable. Or, would you consider giving them access to your house so you won’t have to install a full bathroom or kitchenette. On the other hand, if the shed house will be fixed in one location, you might consider additional plumbing to make sure everything is setup for a convenient experience. And, don’t forget to check with your local and state ordinances to obtain any required permits before installing. If you have questions, we can help.

Royal Victorian Two-Story Shed for SaleAdvantages of Turning Large Shed into Living Space

Like anything in life, with careful planning, you can transform anything into something beautiful and great. And, in this situation, you can turn a large shed into a usable living space, particularly because many of our sheds here at Livingston Farm can come fully insulated and equipped with electrical and plumbing. Think of it this way, you’re customizing your own home, just in a smaller space. Since large sheds are smaller than what we consider a full-size home, your project can be more affordable. And, as an added benefit, we offer financing with our local New England Federal Credit Union making the process even easier!

With an open floor plan and finished interior, you can build and create just about anything you want, including a home, workshop, crafting space, office, art studio or an in-law studio for family and friends. All you need to get started is a little imagination, idea and to contact Livingston Farm, located in Bristol, VT to get the ball rolling.

Have any questions about the right size to order or how to prep for the shed delivery? We’re here to help. Give Livingston Farm a call today at 802-382-0992 or swing by our office located at 40 South Route 116, Bristol, VT 05443. We’re just a short drive from Burlington, Williston and Shelburne. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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