Vermont Home or Office Additions at Livingston Farm

Vermont Home Additions in Bristol

These days we all find ourselves needing more room. Whether it be for more storage, for visiting or growing family, or just wanting a space at home for projects, an office or a study. Whatever your reason for needing more space, a great and economical way of getting more elbow room is to consider a customizable building as an addition to your home or business.

When Livingston Farm of Bristol, Vermont needed more space for our show room, that is exactly what we did. We designed one of our two story building (also know as an outdoor building or sometimes a garden shed or barn) and added on to our existing structure.prefab storage solutions vt

Was the process complicated or difficult? Not at all. We didn’t need to sift thru hundreds of articles on home design or hire an expensive architect, then find a reputable builder or general contractor.With time being money, it was a simple and streamlined process that was actually rather fun getting to make decisions on the details we were looking for.

Livingston Farm Office Addition We sat down with our catalog and picked a style building that complimented our existing structure. Next we designed a floor plan with the features we wanted. We put the order in and a few weeks later our new office addition arrived. Proper drainage was installed and then a concrete foundation for the new addition. With some very clever and skillful maneuvering the building was in place. Once the roof was assembled and the electrical systems were in place (and inspected) the new addition was ready for business.


Whatever your reasons for needing a Home or Office Addition Vermont, they are a wise and economical choice to make. Curious as to what you can do to expand your dwelling space contact us today and one of our experts will happily sit down with you and discuss the possibilities.

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