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40 South Route 116
Bristol, VT 05443
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Who We Are– Livingston Farm is locally owned and operated. We are a reliable, honest business that started on a family dairy farm after we sold the cows. After Livingston Farm opened in 1998, our company has grown each year since its inception but we have not outgrown our ability to provide the best customer service available. We’re a local Vermont company that serves builders, landscapers, gardeners, excavators, designers, and stone masons. That combination means that we’re experienced to help you find solutions to your most complex residential and business challenge. As a local Vermont business, we hire people with a better understanding of the products we sell, build and deliver. We take more time to get to know our customers and stand by the quality of our products and service. Here at Livingston Farm, we proudly support local Vermont and USA made products.


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Our Services & Products– Some of the services we offer include: excavation, drainage solutions, foundations, waterlines, driveway repair, septic systems, existing landscape alterations, and complete renovation packages. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service to our customers. We are constantly researching and studying new ideas and techniques in order to give our customers the best available products the landscape industry has to offer.We offer delivery services for ALL of our products. Please call or email us to setup and coordinate your new landscape addition today!


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