What is a She-Shed, a He-Shed or Me-Shed?

Here at Livingston Farm, we don’t focus on the he vs she, we prefer to focus on ME- sheds. You may ask yourself, “How in the world do I design a Me-shed or She-shed?”

For many people, a Me-shed starts with a vision. What do you need the space for? Do you want a place where you can step away from life’s demands and step into your own quiet oasis just steps away from your home. Your Me, she, he-shed can be a place where you are the only one making the mess. Partners, kids, relatives, and pets must know the secret password to be invited in. 🙂 Your Me-shed can honestly be ANYTHING. Just tell Livingston Farm your vision and we can build your dream.

Build a She-Shed, Me-Shed, He-Shed in Vermont

Me-Shed Options are Endless

  • It can be a space you are able to dive into that book that has been collecting dust for decades. Curling up with that book has never felt so good.
  • It can be a space where you write your next Nancy Drew series you have always dreamed about.  Your kitchen table thanks you.
  • Or, it can be a space where you take an uninterrupted nap so you can make it through your next work function.

Whatever you choose for the function of your she, he, me-shed, it will be sooo much less expensive than adding a room on to your house.  And of course, you need to ask yourself the question, do you really want YOUR space attached to the house anyway? You deserve a space for yourself with YOUR things in it.  Do you have a hobby? It can be your crafter’s corner, your gardner’s gateway, or your woodworker’s wonderland. Whatever your dream, we can make it come true!

Looking for inspiration to design your Me-Shed? Check out these 16 Epic Sheds from The Spruce.


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