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Your Natural Stone, Brick & Cultured Stone Provider in Bristol, Vermont

Stones being purposed as natural accents, woven into the landscape as earth’s art forms have been used for thousands of years. Our stones are your building blocks to provide delineated boundaries, foundation supports, and create inherent aesthetics to your property. Each role you have for your stone landscape can be unique and defined by your materials and artist. Stone patios, walls, and fire pits serve as boundary definitions, they provide additional living space and add an element of performance to your outdoor home.

Livingston Farm carries stone pavers to assist you in the creation of your dream walkway or patio, veneer stones to accent your outdoor entertaining area, fireplace, accent walls, and decorative accent stones to enhance your masterful gardening. Our garden path stones pave the way to your destiny, blue stone steps create an everlasting entrance to your home or outdoor shed, and our capstones finish off your intricately designed stone walls. To culminate your transformations, we suggest edging and border stone to emphasize your landscape lines, and employ our patio and walkway stones to seamlessly tie your home style with a masterful eco-friendly and inviting naturalistic setting. Learn about the benefits of purchasing natural stone vs cultured stone by contacting our stone experts of Livingston Farm to ensure your using the right type of product for your next project.

The Quality

Whether it is for residential or commercial use, Livingston Farm offers one of the largest selections and finest qualities of decorative stone, boulders, and bulk materials in Vermont.


With dozens of options for sizes, colors and styles, it’s easy to find the right products and tools to tackle any project from start to finish.


Livingston Farm has a fleet of trucks that deliver thousands of pallets of stone each year, we’ll make sure you find the stone material you need.

My Earthwork - Stone Project in Monkton, Vermont

Variety of Vermont Landscaping Stone for Sale

Over the years, stones have proven to be desirable materials in building and construction projects; they are also high-end materials that enhance any structure through their peculiarities. At Livingston Farm, we offer a variety of contemporary stone materials that are capable of giving any proposed structure a fantastic look it deserves. We have numerous designs, sizes, styles and colors that suit proposed project to enhance your home, garden or landscape.

Our variety of stone products range from the following categories, with many more options available:

Gardening Stone

With their hard structures, our gardening stones are very useful when it comes to defining sections in the garden. They’re strong and can withstand every form of watering and weather condition Vermont brings. Their distinctive appearance is a primary reason our stones are suitable for making a garden pathway that can direct anyone even without the gardener’s presence. Update your garden path with our bluestone, pebble or slate stone patterns.

Natural Veneer Stone

With our natural veneer stone, you can achieve your longtime dream of owning the best home structure and design in the neighborhood. The high-quality New England and Vermont local stone product makes them durable and able to withstand frost and wetness and suitable for decorating any outdoor arrangement. With the application of our thin layers of veneer stones, a more attractive outer look and a durable structure are guaranteed altogether. Vermont veneer stone is great for enhancing your home with a lovely fireplace, wall accent or stone wall.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stones are especially a good choice when it comes to satisfying contractors based on their preference, manufactured stones are varieties that are specially designed to suit a particular construction work and the specific style required for the project. They enhance the aesthetics of a structure with their unique hand-made designs. Learn more about the benefits of using cultured stone vs natural veneer stone here or give Livingston Farm a call with any questions you might have regarding your next manufactured stone purchase or project.

Patio Stone

Our stones are very suitable when it comes to being used in any form of patio construction. Both the natural and our personally cultured ones all possess a friendly appearance maintaining a cool and natural style that can enhance your recreation session rather than serving as a distraction. The durability and nature of the patio stone make them capable of withstanding any outdoor weather condition. They are efficient when you prefer replacing an old patio tile for a new one or basing a new construction on them.

Boulders for Garden Accents

Our natural stones are known for their strength, and because of their size, they can be used for both demarcating garden sections and enhancing the outward appearance of the garden surrounding. Browse our large variety of boulders and lovely garden statues online to find your next Eternity Cross or stone bird bath in Bristol, Vermont.

Stone for Steps

At Livingston Farm, we offer a specifically choose durable variety of stones that are suitable for staircase designs because of their intense nature that can withstand hard trampling and coarse nature to avoid slipping while taking the steps. Also available in cultured stone with precise dimensions.

Slabs of Stone

We offer elegant and robust pieces of natural stone suitable for stairs, a landing or to add a strong statement as a rustic accent. Many types of slabs available including slate, bluestone, fieldstone and more. Learn more about slate slab pricing by contacting us. And when you call, let us know roughly the area you’re looking to place your slab of stone so we can find the perfect piece, made for your project.

These and some other contemporary stone products that can make a dream structure come true are what we currently offer for sale at Livingston Farm. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your next stone project.

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Interested in ordering natural stone or cultured stone? Contact us online, give us a call or swing by our Bristol, VT location to see what we have in-stock. We’re located at 40 South Route 116, Bristol, VT 05443 – just a short drive from Middlebury, Williston, Colchester and Burlington, VT. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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