Vermont Sheds and Barns

Livingston Farm has been Vermont’s leading supplier of storage buildings, sheds, barns and garages for 10+ years. We are committed to providing quality products and service to our customers across New England, including those in the New York, Massachusetts, and the New Hampshire area. We provide customers with storage options to fit every need and budget.

All of our buildings are constructed with high-quality materials and include free installation, innovative engineering and design, and industry-leading 1 year warranty coverage. We cater to the specific needs of customers in the New England area and construct quality buildings that are generally delivered fully assembled. Our Two-Story models can be fully assembled within 2-4 days upon arrival.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Vermont Sheds and Barns at Livingston Farm

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Our Sheds and Barns

A-Frame Shed

The A-frame is named for the 'A' shaped roof.  Our A-frame shed is a great economical solution for storage space.  Offering clean lines, our A-frame sheds make great storage sheds with plenty of height to hold all of your gear.  The classic style is a finishing touch to any New England landscape.  Customize a shed to fit your needs or choose from one we have here in stock.   Our A-frame shed includes one set of double doors,  two slider windows with shutters, a pressure treated floor and architectural shingles. The A-frame sheds can be constructed with 6', 6'6" or  7' tall side walls for maximum wall storage space.

Finance for as little as $66.00 per month!

Custom Cottages

Choose from our Victorian, Colonial, or Classic cottages.  The roofline of this style shed is similar to that of a saltbox house featuring an extended overhang above the front doors and windows.  Our cottages make a great choice for use as a home office, studio, workspace, or general storage.  Endlessly customizable and built to last, design a shed around your needs or choose from the many we carry in stock. Custom cottage style standards include one set of double doors, two slider windows with shutters, a pressure treated floor and architectural shingles.

Finance for as little as $74.00 per month!

Dutch Barns

For added style, opt for our Dutch Barn with a gambrel roof.  Our gambrel roof offers lots of storage space while keeping a low profile.  Often considered small garden houses, these quality crafted Dutch Barns are handmade and feature distinct craftsmanship.  Our Dutch Barns come in an attractive package that complements just about any backyard decor.

Finance for as little as $62.00 per month!

Lean To Studio Shed

Our Lean-To Studio shed is everything but a shed. It resembles so much more. It’s the thinker of our shed-line, it’s the imaginator, the next new invention assistant and the one who helps you bring all of your hopes and ideas into reality. With its mono roof, it can easily be designed to capture all of the passing natural light, it can open up the world to your visions and personal space. This is a space to think, create and stay grounded. Whatever your plan, we can work together to customize the windows, doors, vents, colors, etc. Feel free to let your creative juices run!

Finance for as little as $90.00 per month!


Single Story Royal Victorian A-Frame Sheds & Barns

The ones who always get the attention are our Royals. Our Royal Victorian Aframe series features all of the highest quality windows, trim, overhangs, hinges, 10:12 roof pitch and all of the other posh details you deserve. We have a single-story and a two-story royal victorian line. This single story captures all of your style and classy personality in one. It can easily be converted into an extra living space if that’s what your life needs or can simply be your home away from home for partying, relaxing with a good book, gardening, woodworking, or just a place to call your own!

Finance for as little as $341.00 per month!


Two Story Royal Victorian A-Frame Sheds & Barn

Your brand new two-story building has only one limitation and that is your imagination! Our two-story sheds provide extra space for a new workshop, studio or an area to entertain your guests. Two Story Royal Victorian A-frames arrive with a completed bottom half, the second floor is assembled on site by our crew. Contact us today to order your two-story shed.

Finance for as little as $409.00 per month!


Firewood Sheds & Bus Stop Shelters

Firewood sheds are great for a wood burning home or even an RV site, cabin, or camp.  Owning a firewood shed allows you to keep your firewood dry, mold-free and ready to be burned in your wood stove, fireplace or fire-pit at any time. Our firewood sheds are available in a variety of sizes so you can store a seasons worth, or more, of firewood.  This building would also make a great bus stop shelter to keep kids out of the rain, snow and wind while waiting for the school bus. Available sizes: 4'x 8' up to 8'x 12'.

Finance for as little as $71.00 per month!


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