About Livingston Farm

Livingston Farm is a locally owned and operated business. We are a reliable, honest business that started on a family dairy farm. After Livingston Farm opened in 1998, our company has grown each year since its inception but we have not outgrown our ability to provide the best customer service available.

We moved to our current location in 2006 and have been steadily growing and improving over the past 15 years. As a staff, we have over 37 years of experience assisting our loyal customers with creating their dream landscapes and outdoor structures within the Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire areas.

Our Team


Dave is the founder and visionary of Livingston Farm. After a career of diesel mechanics and farming, Dave decided to trade the cows and tractors for sheds, stones, furniture, memorials and topsoil. Dave enjoys projects where he can play in the dirt and enjoy the world as his giant sandbox.

He can be seen on job sites, meeting with customers, and working on equipment to make sure it’s ready for its next adventure. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outside with his friends and family, collecting snowflakes and being a true Vermonter.


Tina has been with Livingston Farm for 16 years. She is the encyclopedia of Livingston Farm, if you have a question, Tina can probably answer it. She is consistently the smiling face to meet with for orders ranging from chicken coops, garages, memorial stones, patio/wall stone to play sets.

Tina is well versed in everything Livingston Farm has to offer. In her spare time, she enjoys choreographing dances for local students, planting dandelion gardens and spending time with her family.

David Jr.

David is a smiling face of the Livingston farm team and grew up on the original Livingston Farm. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Mechanical Engineering and working in the field for a while, he decided to return to his roots at Livingston Farm.

David’s attention to detail and work ethic ensures every customer enjoys their experience with Livingston Farm. In his spare time, David enjoys feeding his pet mosquitoes and working on his favorite swimming stroke, the back float. David looks forward to meeting you!


Heidi has been with Livingston Farm for 10 years. You can find her managing our stone-yard, along with assisting customers with any type of suggestion or question they may have for their next project. Heidi has a wealth of knowledge about Livingston Farm’s products and services. You may see Heidi’s smiling face driving dump trucks, skid-steers and rustling up dust in the yard.

In her free time, she spends time fishing, knitting scarves for bunnies and spending time with her family.


Tyler grew up on Livingston Farm at its previous location.  He has been learning how to drive dump trucks, excavators, loaders and skid steers since he was tall enough to see over the steering wheel.  Tyler is an excellent machine operator and can be regularly seen on job sites happily getting his hands dirty.

In his free time, Tyler enjoys hunting for the elusive largemouth bass with his fishing pole, playing pattycake with ants and playing golf.  Maybe you will see Tyler at your next project!


Jenn has been behind the scenes and has spent her summers with Livingston Farm for the past 10 years. She recently made a full-time career change to Livingston Farm after 10 years in the field of education after the birth of her daughter, Eelin.

Jenn occupies her time outside of work by getting her hands dirty baking mud pies for her furry friends.


Eelin is one of the youngest employees at Livingston Farm. She joined Livingston Farm during the winter of 2021. She has grown so much since her first day of work.

Although she is now enrolled in toddler school, you may catch a glimpse of her from time to time “helping” answer the phone, greeting anyone who walks in the door with her friendly “Hello” and the one who tries to reorganize the office like it’s her own workspace…aka a mess.


Rao, Eelin’s little brother became part of Livingston Farm in 2023, he’s eager to embrace plenty of rest, food, and play.

During your visit, you’re likely to be greeted by his ever-present smile brightening the space, his infectious laughter adding a cheerful background melody to the office, and you may notice that his “office” space has been tailored to his entertainment preferences.


Alysia brings her love of learning to the Livingston Farm team. Her four dogs keep her quite occupied while being outside with friends and using her creative juices makes her smile. 

Alysia loves hiking, traveling and being surrounded by the ones she loves.  Her love of dogs ignited her new found and popular hobby of using dog fur to weave easter baskets. 


Jerry is another newer addition to Livingston Farm!  He brings his wealth of knowledge of mechanics, trucking and forestry management to our team and customers. 

Jerry seems to always be on the move.  When he’s not at work, you will most likely find him working in the woods logging or stacking firewood.  In addition to his love of the woods, he is also a master at cat’s cradle, so watch out. 


Jenn (The 2nd Jenn in our office) is our newest employee who is excited to work with our clients from start to finish.  Jenn has a wealth of knowledge she is eager to share with clients. 

She can usually be found assisting with shed designs and answering questions regarding the many products Livingston Farm carries.  During her free time, Jenn loves to spend time with her 32 animals, hip hop dance,  and tend to her expansive worm farm while cuddling her top performing worm named, “Wiggles”.


Chelsi is an adventurous member of our team, bringing her passion for the great outdoors into every interaction with our clients. With a love for camping under the stars, carving fresh tracks on snow-covered slopes, drilling through ice for the catch of the day, and attending frog jumping competitions with her pet frog Sir Hops-A-Lot, Chelsi embodies the spirit of adventure. 

Chelsi’s adventurous streak is matched by her unwavering commitment to helping our clients navigate the complexities of their projects with ease and confidence.

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