vermont barn addition

As we all know or are at least hoping winter is winding down. Time to put away the winter gear and make ready for spring and summer. For farmers it’s time to get equipment in working order for others, time to do things like put away the winter toys. But every year it seems we need a little more room.

If not just for storage than to have some elbow room to work on the spring equipment or store those new skis or that shiny snow machine.  Dont want to get a storage space, as you need access to these things. Or  maybe its to far away. Perhaps that property needs some functional yet attractive storage options. What ever the reason why not get an addition to your barn or home?

Barn Additions Vermont

Looks great. Increases your property value and most importantly gets you some much needed room to think and work. Livingston Farm has a wide variety of outdoor structures, that are just perfect for these various needs.

Vermont Chicken coopsFrom Chicken Coops to Garages and yes even buildings that would make a great barn  addition . Contact us today and lets explore the possibilities .

The outdoor building in these pictures  is what Livingston Farm decided to do when we need more room here at our showroom in Bristol, Vermont. It went in very easily and looks great. Got us the extra room we needed. Not for toys or tractors or other farm gear but as an extra office space. Come visit us and see how it looks and mated with the existing structure. So if you need more space think about an barn addition .

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