90 Percent Recycled Outdoor Furniture

These days everyone is thinking about how to save the planet, save time, save money. And when that is all done we want to be able to relax in comfort. A great way to combine all of these saving efforts and with relaxation in mind, Livingston Farm has a fine selection of 90 percent recycled outdoor furniture. With traditional styles in both standard colors as well as a great selection of colors.  From earth tones to vibrant reds and yellows. Dark blues and greens, check out our website or feel free to stop by and try any of our selection out. Have a seat and put your feet up and enjoy.

Unwind at home and feel good about it as you help keep Vermont and the planet green with these 90 percent outdoor furniture.  As for maintaining these chairs its as simple as wiping them down with a cloth and soap and water.  Not only are they simple to maintain and clean . They are also incredibly durable resisting all that Mother Nature can throw at us here In Vermont or New York and New Hampshire

Curious as to what was recycled to make,  for example our Adirondack chairs or rockers. Well it is plastic, like the plastic in milk jugs, actually its just that recycled milk jugs turned into ‘lumber’ and then that lumber is made into for example again an Adirondack Chair or say a Fan back chair. A great use of plastic that keeps it out of landfills and uses it for something relaxing. So when it is time to relax think about our 90 Percent Recycled Outdoor Furniture. Save money and Save the Planet at the same time. How can you lose? See you soon and here is to a  happy spring!

90 percent recycled outdoor furniture

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