Good morning

Vermont swingsetsIt is a little grey today, we had some rain and some snow last night but things like weather.  With the snow last night came our first load of 2015 Playsets. And the crew is out in the yard right now setting up for the building process.  Keep checking back either here or at our facebook and watch the progress throughout the day.
We build them, then we test them all for safety and of course with a little luck we will get some shots of not only the building but the testing.

Not only did we get a bunch of new playsets as mentioned the 2015 sheds and buildings are showing upsturdy kids playset Vermont here at Livingston Farm and getting set up for display and sales. So come rain or sleet or snow or even the elusive sun..things are on the move here.

These Children’s Play-set are treated against the elements in Vermont,  so they will stand up to whatever mother nature or your kids can dish out.  Now the yard is a bit empty.but soon will be filling up with slides and swings and rock climb walls, playhouses and well entire playsets. Stop on by or keep your eye out here and facebook during the day.IMG_20150331_100033

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