If you want to keep your natural stone walkway in good condition, one of the things you should avoid using is rock salt to keep it from getting icy.  There are a few other things you can use besides rock salt that will keep you safe and not harm your walkway.

  • Rock salt damages slate and other types of flagstone by causing it to chip away gradually. The salt causes ice to melt, and the melting and freezing process shrinks and expands the slate, causing cracks in the surface. These cracks become deeper, and will jeopardize strength of the stone  and cause parts of it to chip away. Salt also causes discoloration of the stone in the walk way, which will then lead to having to clean the spots.
  • Instead of using rock salt, consider using a light sprinkle of sand over your walkway that will give the surface some traction when it becomes slippery. Sand is often mixed with things such as CMA to give the icy surfaces more texture so people are less likely to slip.  Cat litter is also cheap and sticks to the ground even in icy conditions, so you won’t have to worry about falling or slipping on your walkway.
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