A few fun facts about Livingston Farm:

  • Our name was once Livingston Farm Landscape Products and Storage, then changed to Livingston Farm Landscape Products and Excavation, phew those were a mouthful….
  • When Livingston Farm began, there were 2 employees, we now have 10.
  • Livingston Farm began in 1998 when Dave and Stanley sold the cows.
  • At one point, Livingston Farm had 4 employees named Dave working at the same time and currently has two employees named Tyler.
  • The original Livingston Farm once had a Pig named George which happens to be Dave’s middle name.
  • When Dave was a child on a dairy farm he spent many hours of his summers hand-picking stones from fields to prepare the fields for crops.  We are sure he didn’t think then about all of the amazing walls he could have created with all of those stones.
  • All of Dave’s children currently work at the business.


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