Tiny Home Adventures!

What are Tiny Houses? The Tiny House Movement? Tiny Living?

Simply put, it’s a social movement where people are downsizing the space that they screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-08-30-pmlive in. The typical American home is around 2600 square feet, while the typical small or tiny house is around 100-400 square feet. Tiny Houses come in all shapes, sizes and forms but they focus on smaller spaces and simplified living.

People are joining this movement for many reasons, but the most popular reasons are because of environmental concerns, financial concerns and seeking more time and freedom. For most Americans, 1/3 to 1/2 of their income is dedicated to the roof over their heads; this translates to 15 years of working over your lifetime just to pay for it and because of it, 76% are living paycheck to paycheck. So what is the alternative? One might be to live smaller. While Livingston Farm doesn’t think tiny houses are for everyone, there are lessons to be learned and applied to escape the cycle of debt, where almost 70% of Americans are trapped right now.

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-11-21-pmThis is a growing movement, that is for sure! With international attention on CNN, AP, Guardian, Huffington Post, NBC, Oprah, PBS and so many more people have come to know about another way to live their lives.

The tiny house phenomenon redefines what makes a house a home, empowers the people for a better future and leads to movement that breaks the mold every day. The tiny home  phenomenon redefines what makes a house a home, they empower the owner for a better future and lead to movement that breaks the mold every day. Tiny house people come from all walks of life. With the cost of affordable housing rising every day, it makes sense to look at other options for their living accommodations. A tiny house built by Livingston Farm is the perfect solution for this growing trend. Your tiny house can serve as the perfect vacation home, guest house, office, studio, or a place to call your own.

Our Quality-All of our buildings are constructed with high-quality materials and include free installation, innovative engineering and design, and an industry-leading 1 year warranty coverage.  We’ve been bringing quality-made outdoor structures, tiny homes, guest homes and cottages to happy customers throughout Vermont for the past 10 years and we’re ready to help you make the most of your living space. Our tiny homes have been thoroughly tested to assure they are safe and built to industry standards.

Customizations-Let your imagination run wild! When we combine our expertise with your dreams, we can build a home you will entertain in for years. Livingston Farm will design the tinyhouses-infographic-1000wlogoouter walls of your tiny home and partnered with a contractor of your choice, we can actualize every detail of your wish list. Our tiny homes can be built as one-story or two-story homes. Your idea of having your own “space away” is our specialty. Let us help you enjoy building a home that meets all of your needs.

Delivery-If you choose one from our in-stock buildings, your tiny home can be delivered within days! If you want to design your own, we begin building as soon as your order is placed. You can have it delivered and begin your inside finishing work in just a few weeks! Every Livingston Farm tiny home includes free delivery and on-site installation within 50 miles.  We have specialized equipment to deliver your home onto your property with minimal damage to your lawn or property surface. Livingston Farm can place your home on a basement, crawlspace, or slab foundation. Please call or email us to setup and coordinate your next tiny home delivery today.

Livingston Farm Team-We’re a local Vermont company of builders, landscapers, gardeners, excavators, designers, and stone masons. That combination means that each one of us can help you find solutions to the most complex home or business challenge. We are eager to help you with any project you may have, as if it were our own. We can deliver, install, prepare the site, and remove any other obstacles (upon request) as a team. We look forward to working with you to create your dream home.

Vermont Company-As a local Vermont business, we hire people with a better understanding of the products we sell, build and deliver. We take more time to get to know our customers and stand by the quality of our products and service. Here at Livingston Farm, we proudly support local Vermont and USA made products.

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