Tammy Walsh – Goshen Mountain Landscaping

The story of Goshen Mountain Landscaping’s partnership with Livingston Farm beautifully captures shared passion, growth, and dedication to excellence. The collaboration began when Tammy Walsh of Goshen Mountain approached us with a simple question: “Do you sell wallstone?” What started as a straightforward inquiry from Tammy blossomed into a multi-decade relationship, profoundly influencing both her projects and the professional identity of her company.

With 31 years in landscaping, Tammy Walsh has cultivated a deep appreciation for stonework. Her passion was kindled unexpectedly by a book she stumbled upon in a library corner. That serendipitous discovery became the catalyst for a journey in professional stonework. Today, her team, made up of seven dedicated individuals, collaborates seamlessly to bring stunning hardscapes to life, reflecting Tammy’s vision.

In the early days of Goshen Mountain Landscaping, Tammy and her team handled a variety of tasks, ranging from lawn mowing and tree trimming to plowing. But as the years went on, Tammy found her true calling in hardscaping. She led her team’s transition from nurturing verdant landscapes to masterfully crafting with stone. This evolution was exhilarating, and now, hardscaping with stone as the main medium has become their specialty.

Reflecting on the question, “What product or products has Goshen Mountain Landscaping used from Livingston Farm?” the list is notably extensive. Under Tammy’s guidance, they’ve utilized everything from pattern-cut bluestone and upright irregulars to South Bay Quartzite, weathered walls, bluestone slabs, and tumbled bluestone. Nearly 90% of our product range has found its way into their projects, seamlessly integrating and becoming foundational elements of their masterpieces.

The role of our products in Tammy’s operations at Goshen Mountain has been crucial. We’ve provided resources that have made their work more streamlined and effective. Our quality offerings have empowered Tammy and her team to deliver consistently outstanding results to their clientele.

Regarding her satisfaction with our partnership, Tammy Walsh holds our relationship in high regard. She values Livingston Farm’s commitment to customer satisfaction and appreciates our willingness to go the extra mile.

Among her various collaborators, Tammy Walsh highlights Livingston Farm for our exceptional friendliness and organization. In her words, every engagement with us has exceeded expectations. Our company’s warmth, transparency, and organizational finesse have facilitated smooth collaborations time and time again.

For those contemplating a partnership with us, Tammy Walsh offers an enthusiastic endorsement. She commends our values of honesty, support, and reliability, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to the success of our partners.

In reflecting on areas for improvement in our partnership, Tammy confidently asserts there were none. Our journey together, marked by collaboration, responsiveness, and consistent excellence, has left a lasting impression.

Describing her experience with us in a single word, Tammy Walsh chooses “Innovative.” She recognizes Livingston Farm’s dedication to continuous improvement, adopting the latest trends, and offering a diverse range of products.

In summary, our relationship with Goshen Mountain Landscaping, under the leadership of Tammy Walsh, epitomizes mutual growth, excellence, and genuine partnership. It’s a tale of stone being transformed into art, products uplifting projects, and a harmonious blend of innovation and dedication. Our collaboration with Tammy and her team at Goshen Mountain Landscaping stands as a testament to Livingston Farm’s commitment to nurturing long-term professional relationships.

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