Natural Stone – What Does It Mean?

Natural stone, as the name implies is referred to stone products or raw materials generally mined from the earth through different processes, which could then be used as finished goods for various purposes. Some of the popular natural stones being mined include: marble, quartzite, sandstone, onyx and the likes. Here at Livingston Farm, we carry a large variety of natural stone that ranges in many colors, shapes, textures and designs.

Natural stones, after being refined and polished, can be made into different building materials, structure support enhancement, and beautiful aesthetic materials for your home or garden. Our customers choose natural stone over cultured or manufactured stone because of the longevity of the product. With the Vermont weather, it’s best to buy a product that will hold in any weather condition, years down the road.

With the meaning and the nature of natural stone now made evident, it is also essential to expatiate on the benefits of using the natural stone in different building and enhancement products.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone:

Natural stone is such an amazing part of nature and with its nature, various and unique aesthetics can be achieved from any of the natural stones preferred. Some of the benefits of ordering natural stone for your next landscaping or home upgrade vs manufactured stone include:

  • Due to the strength of natural stones, they can be trusted for durability and a satisfactory experience while using them. Natural stone is a very strong frost and rain or water-resistant material which can guarantee you a strong and dry surface always compared to concrete materials that can soak in any liquid due to its composition of cement and sand. Not only is the natural stone a water resisting material, it does not even ware due its strong nature against liquids.
  • With natural stone as the material used in any construction, all it requires is just a regular overt cleaning and not any expensive painting and replacement as it is popularly done with concrete paving.
  • Natural stone should be considered when the preference is on beauty because, natural stones all have their unique colors which can present you with choices that can make your structures amazing with shining colors, especially when different stones are combined in the design. This is of great benefit to the owner of the structure or product made with natural stone because it does not lose its quality over time, it still retains its beautiful nature even after a long time of maintenance.

These and many other reasons are why you should consider ordering for natural stone when handling any building product from Livingston Farm. And, of course, these are not all the reasons. Some of our customers simply prefer the look and feel of the natural veneer stone after a side-by-side comparison but some industry experts will swear by the manufactured veneer. It’s really all about the preference and desired look.

Manufactured Bluestone Tan Variegated for Sale

Manufactured Bluestone

Baltic Blue Ledgestone

Baltic Blue Natural Veneer Stone

What is the Difference Between Cultured Stone and Natural Thin Veneer?

The biggest difference between cultured stone, also known as faux stone, manufactured stone or cast stone, is that it’s a man-man product made out of cement, pigmented dyes and aggregates. By mixing the ingredients together and pouring it into molds, it creates a similar shape and texture that come from natural stone.
Often, people believe that cultured stone is similar to natural stone, they believe it is cheaper and they believe it is as durable as a natural stone, but these are all misconceptions because a cultured stone is composed of too many unnatural materials that will eventually part ways as soon as they got touched by water. While using manufactured/cultured stone may have many advantages, natural stone is still far more superior in terms of quality. From a distance, you might not be able to tell the difference between the two, however; once you get closer, most people can notice the difference. The major difference between them is that a natural stone is more durable, higher-quality and adorned with natural colorful appearance than a manufactured stone.

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