What happens to all the milk jugs that have been recycled throughout the years? They are being turned into beautiful, colorful, outdoor furniture, that’s what!  Our Poly furniture was developed from an idea from a few high school friends who noted the high performance characteristics of plastic and its use in outdoor applications.  They discovered they could extrude recycled milk jugs and other plastic containers into plastic lumber. That lumber could then be used to design and build outdoor furniture with fundamental performance qualities.  Here at Livingston Farm, we remain committed to using the most environmentally friendly products, while eliminating waste and delivering what our customers expect.  Livingston Farm’s commitment to quality allows for many relaxing seasons at the beach, in the yard, or on your patio. Sit back, relax and forget about it.

Earth Friendly Furniture is a great way to help protect the planet in comfort. Safe for everyone from small children to grown ups. Comfortable and attractive. Durable and Stylish. We have a wide array of colors and styles to choose from . Contact us today .

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